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History of the Confederation of Family Associations in the Carpathian Basin


1994 –   During the congress of the National Association of Large Families (NALF) in Budapest, the possibility of a regional alliance of families of the Carpathian Basin is identified for the first time.

1996 –   With the leadership of the National Association of Large Families, the first alliance of Central and Eastern European family organisations, named CEE FAMNET, is established.

1997 –   Ms Ágota Benkő, President of the NALF (then celebrating its 10th anniversary), proposes the organisation of the first meeting of family organizations of the Carpathian Basin.

1998 –   The first meeting of the leaders of family organizations in the Carpathian Basin takes place in Dobogókő. Consultation between the founders of the later association is pursued for the first time.

              A congress with the participation of family organizations from Subcarpathia, Transylvania, Uplands, Vojvodina and the mother country is organized in Gödöllő.

1999  –  During this year, the Seminar of Family Organizations and Family Movements is organized twice – in spring and in autumn. The later founders again carry out consultations about the possible form and method of cooperation.

2000  –  Family organizations of the Carpathian Basin met again in Gödöllő, where participants had the possibility to broaden their knowledge in seminars and trainings. The Government Office for Hungarian Minorities Abroad, the Transylvania Caritas Association and the National Association of Large Families (NALF) jointly encouraged the formation of cross-border organizations. The establishment of an increasing number of family organizations is announced. The initiatives are supported by the National Association of Large Families through its relations and administrative assistance alike. The delegates of the organizations sign a declaration of interest, in which they commit to establishing the association. The constitution of the new organization is also developed.

2001 –   The Court of Csongrád registers the Confederation of Family Organizations of the Carpathian Basin (CFOC). Family associations joining the CFOC become ordinary members, whereas foundations become associate members of the confederation.

              The Association of Great Families of Vojvodina is founded in Zenta (Serbia).

2002 –   Hungarian family organizations organize a forum in Nyárádszereda.

              Hungarian family organizations organize a meeting in Pécs.

2003 –   At the general assembly of the CFOC in the autumn, the 4-4 delegates from the member countries confirm the position of Ms Ágota Benkő as president. Mr Vilmos Krizsán is elected vice-president.

2004  –  The Family Association wins different applications within the field of IT. Thereby, each member organization obtains IT devices and equipment necessary for online communication.

              The European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) is founded. The union of the Carpathian Basin joins the international organization. The deputy president of the European confederation becomes Mr László Márki, the newly elected president of NALF.

              The CFOC becomes even stronger: more and more member organizations are founded and apply to join CFOC. The general public also notices the cooperation of Hungarian families, which is indicated by an increased presence of the organizations in the media.

2005 –   Despite financial difficulties, two seminars are organized in Nagykovácsi.

              The general assembly gives a vote of confidence to the leadership for another two years.

              Due to competition resources, a holiday camp for children from Transylvania, Uplands and the motherland is organized in Szőlőske. The implementation was carried out by Ms Kati Buzogány and the member organization in Kistárkány.

              Relationship between families is strengthening: families from Hungary and Vojvodina visit families in Transylvania, whereas families from Kézdivásárhely (Transylvania) make excursions to Vojvodina and Uplands.

2006 –   In the spring, a Forum of Family Organizations and Family Movements is organized in Orosháza.

              The Family Congress organized in Győr is simultaneously the 3rd congress of the European Large Families Confederation.

              The leaders of the associations of Csíkszereda and Nyárádszereda (Transylvania) pay visits to the associations of the Confederation, together with their families. By this pilgrimage they successfully call the attention of the public to the importance of family values.

              During the autumn, a seminar is organized in Nagykovácsi.

2007 –   In October, Mr Iván Török is elected president, Mr Sándor Dánél vice-president by the general assembly.

              The NALF supports the work of CFOC from its foundation: besides infrastructural development, its members assist the Confederation by voluntary work. The organization owes a lot to the Government Office for Hungarian Minorities Abroad and Illyés Public Foundation as well.

2010 –   The general assembly elects Ms Teréz Sallay president. Dr Endre Szabó and Mr Vilmos Krizsán become vice-presidents.

2012 –   On 11 May, the Family Chain Movement is established in the House of Parliament. The initiative comes into being with the aim to bring together the activities of civil organizations dealing with families within the Carpathian Basin.

              The Family Chain Movemebt holds its first conference on 9 November, with 35 member organizations taking part in it.

2013  –  On the occasion of the Marriage Week International, the Cathedral Large Families Association of Pécs promotes marriage on a large-scale event. Concluding the Marriage Week, the Confederation holds a full-day event in the Parliament.

              In April, the general assembly elects Dr Endre Szabó president, whereas Ms Katalin Adorjáni (Tree of Life Association, Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca) and Mr Ferenc Vári (Large Families Association of Kondoros) are elected vice-presidents. The constitution of the Confederation is also modified.

              On 10 April, the Family Chain Movement holds a meeting and a management training in Budapest.

              The member organizations of the Confederation make the summer holiday memorable to children and their parents by family days and family camps.

              In September, the company of the State Opera House entertains cross-border families with a free performance.

2014 –   A growing number of member organizations organize events to celebrate the Marriage Week International.        

              A conference entitled „The Nation Lives Within the Family” is organized in the Parliament in Budapest, with the participation of 400 cross-border families and 200 families from the motherland.

              In March, the National Theatre hosts families from outside the borders: a free performance of John the Vailant („János vitéz”) is on stage.

              In September, the Opera House hosts cross-border families with a free ballet performance.

2015 –   In April, the general assembly elects Mr János Pataki president. Ms Katalin Adorjáni (Transylvania) and Mr Dénes Török (Subcarpathia) become vice-presidents. Dr Endre Szabó becomes honorary president, undertaking a leading role in the activities of CFAC at an international and EU level.